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My passion RIAs…………..Shardul Singh Bartwal

About Me

There are two types of people one who takes credit and another who works,be in the second category there is no competition.

I am a Software Architect/Developer from India.A Science Graduate with Maths and Physics ,and Masters in Computer Applications.

I also write on :-

The Technologies I works are as:-

– Action Script 3.0,Adobe/Apache Flex,Adobe AIR,SQLite.
-Cross Platform Mobile/Desktop with Adobe AIR For Windows,Mac,iPad,iPhone,android mobile,android tablets
-Integration with Java,.Net, Php, ROR,Cold Fusion via Http, Wsdl and AMF.
-ArcGIS based GIS Solutions with Adobe AIR,Adobe/Apache Flex and Java Script
-Geographical Information System, ESRI GIS,ArcGIS
-Service Oriented Architecture with Java, JEE,Spring MVC (REST and SOAP Based).
-HTML5,AngularJS, Bootstrap,JavaScript,Require JS, DOJO Tool-Kit based Front end.
-Flash Media Server,Red 5,RPC , RTMP, RTMFP

– Application Performance and Memory Management Using Tools.
-Test Driven Development Architecture.

I am available for Software Architecture/Development and Consultancy.

Contact Me:-

By Mail:-

Skype:- shardul.bartwal

Phone No. +91 9979083318


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