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Is The Web Over Browser Dying? Best Days of Web Browser are Gone ?

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on September 12, 2015

The way currently many sites are behaving poorly with the day by day’s latest update and having issues, at least in first look it seems true that web browser over the internet is dying. Recent terminology of ‘mobile only strategy’ is also favoring this.
Current web browser is fine for:-
1) Static web sites (On mobile and desktop browsers both)
2) Very Small size dynamic web sites/web apps (On mobile and desktop browsers both)
3) Very Large Enterprise based applications (Desktop browsers only)

Main issue is for mid-size web-sites/web application’s owner who are getting most confuse about the direction of current web. The reason for this can be seen in some doubts below:-

1) Should go to web application or Mobile application?
2) If one have existing desktop web application then where to go?
3) If Web browser, then common for mobile and desktop or separate?
4) With advancement and daily changing java-script based frameworks/and their different behavior on different browsers what should be good technology?
5) Suffering from daily updates of browsers.
6) Establishing on all platforms is too much expensive.
7) Web browser based application’s performance on mobile devices is sluggish and a different appearance is required on mobile and tablets.
8) Web applications which are updated for supporting mobile browser are now getting bad even on the desktop browsers.
9) Will web application created even investing good amount of money will run of a long enough period?
10) User Experience is varying person to person.
11) Richness of web over mobile is incomplete due to lack of flash player.
12) Number of adds on mobile browsers are too much.

Until the answer of these questions will not satisfactory to one he will be agree that best day’s of web brewers are gone.


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