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Flash,Flex Vs HTML 5

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on February 25, 2012

I was checking the HTML 5 with Java script,CSS 3 and Jquery around since last 4 months.Also was keeping my eyes on this since 2008,but never get inspired to do anything.Now also I found that HTML 5 is still in the state where Flash was 7 to 8 years back.HTML 5 can replace maximum of simple banners and animated advertisements which were created using the flash.For that also the development cost is going to increase and quality will be not up to that extent as the Flash has provided long earlier.

But for the Audio/Video Streaming,Image manipulation,Gaming and Enterprise applications HTML5 needs to take still around 10 years.Also currently I don’t found any thing as impressive as AMF for the Client Server communication over the internet.The reason for this is simply that HTML 5 is also a markup language.You can check the link below,you will realize where the HTML 5 is in reality:-

So the only thing which I will like to say is that Flash and HTML 5 will be needed in the same way
as earlier they were used together on the web.If you will try to replace Flash by HTML 5 for the small
purpose then you have to pay lot more then flash.And if you will be trying to create the Enterprise Application with HTML 5 then I think you will come back to Flex one day.Flash player is ruling since last 15 plus years,its not so simple to replace that.

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3 Responses to “Flash,Flex Vs HTML 5”

  1. farook said

    Great work came at a perfect time for me, html5 music playerwould be really cool if we could at least get an option to enable the HTML5 mode player in the next Subsonic release. Not only would it bypass the need for flash, but it also has some extra features (wav playback, etc).It seems the biggest issue would be with flv video, but by transcoding to mp4 instead of flv, that could be solved. Even without the video fix, making it optional would allow those of us the mainly use Subsonic for music to benefit from the new player.

  2. Ray Acosta said

    You’re right. HTML 5 is far away from Flash on creating RIA’s. Agreed. The ‘little’ problem is that, as a designer, Flash, since AS 3 came out, is only for depvelopers. Before that we were able to create incredible websites without beening a rocket scients. Now, we’re out of the game. That’s terrible. HTML 5 and CSS3 let us to make simple Flash tasks without creating classes or impting classes and with less complicated code. In the end, Flash will survive for the creation of games and some aplications, but what Flash was up to Flash 8, i think those times won’t back. Now the best Flash sites are made with… Flex. So, Adobe decided to remove designers from the equation. And no, Flash Catalyst does not count. It’s useless. Greetings!

  3. Jeff said

    I agree. I’ve been spoiled by Flex – been using it over the last 3 years because of the limitations of HTML/JS/CSS. HTML5 is slowly catching up – but it has sooooooo far to go before it can be considered a viable option. It’s too bad that Flex seems to be on it’s way now that HTML5 is the hipster’s technology of choice.

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