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Using charts inside Mobile Applications with Adobe AIR

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on January 30, 2012

I was in a big doubt since very long time,I was waiting for the new version of the Charts under the Spark Components,so that I can use them inside the mobile applications.But I was surprised also that why there is nothing for this in the Spark components.But Yesterday I just checked with the MX Charts components in my mobile application for a demo on my Samsung mobile,and things were working excellent and smooth.Was happy and surprised also that how is it is it possible?. Later on started to search on the net for this.And found it on my first click.It was clearly mention there at by Narciso Jaramillo long long ago that:-.

Charts are supported in mobile projects, but other MX components are not. We don’t recommend using MX components in mobile projects; use the Spark components instead. The one exception is the charting components, which are usable in mobile projects if care is taken to avoid displaying or animating too much data at once.

So finally I have to made myself satisfy with ‘Better late than never.’
Hence sharing it,hope this can help someone.

Keep Rocking………..


4 Responses to “Using charts inside Mobile Applications with Adobe AIR”

  1. Thomas Wege said

    Hello shardulbartwal, I searched very long for this post! I do not want to draw native arcs to get pie charts in a mobile app. So I will test this solution next weekend. (If you develop a mobile (AIR) application in design mode with Flash Builder, no charting element is offered for drag&drop in the components area. So I was sure this was not supported.) I am very curious if this will work! Regards, Thomas

  2. shardul said

    Please let me know about your experience too.


    • Thomas Wege said

      Hello Shardul, I was sure it was the lacking mx namespace (xmlns:mx=”library://”) which I had removed because the use of the corresponding components in mobile apps was not encouraged by Adobe. But instead of trying to re-add the namespace, I chose another way: Update to release 4.6! And what can I say: All charting components are available. And what is even better: They do work!

      I will cross-check the runtime compared to drawing the pie with JavaScript’s arc( ) method.


      • shardul said

        Hello Thomas,updating to sdk 4.6 is much better step taken by you.And with the sdk 4.6 you can see even the pi charts are also there .


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