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Long list of Simulators in Flash Builder 4.6 For Mobile Application Development

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on January 30, 2012

I remember the installation of my first android base simulator which I have used to check my first AIR application to run on Android platform,creating the output format form the command prompt then installing the AIR on that etc. etc.But how simple now the things are.There is already a inbuilt long list of the simulators is inside the Flash Builder itself.Which is giving extreme experience for playing and check the application’s appearance on different devices.Only for the Android platform there are around 30 model’s simulators of HTC are available.It is having the 10 simulators for the different models of the Motorola and 9 for the Samsung.Google Nexus one,Google
Nexus S,Dell Streak 7,Barnes and Nobel Nook Color all are making the list complete.
Simulator for the Apple iPhone 4,Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook are also there.

Target what ever platform you want to choose and enjoy the mobile application with the Adobe AIR.

Enjoy Flexing…………


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