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Thinking(Planning) of a Cross Platform Website/Application

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on November 24, 2011

First of all the word platform needs to be defined here in which respect I am using this word. Here the word is being used for the desktop /laptops and mobile/tablets.
Now at multiple times it is wrongly understood that if things are being developed for web-browser then those should automatically work perfect for the mobile too, but in reality it is not the case.
This understanding is not good for anyone.
This will Ok if you are simply having some simple html based website with some static pages that’s all. But what for the web applications which are playing with a lot of data, if one is assuming that he is going to offer the same page layout, or look and feel as he is having for the desktop based browser with only costing for the browser based desktop application then again he is going to cut the pocket of the mobile end users of that application due to the bandwidth prizing and limitations over the mobile browsers. Again over the mobiles/tablets there are different platform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry. So for which version the web application is being targeted again this is major question especially from the point of view of the money of the person who is planning to develop such application. So how one is going to manage this much of assets for accomplishing the above mentioned scenarios. What should be the best strategy to found such goals?
Also please not that no one even including the person who is planning such application doesn’t know how much success his application will be? 😦
So what should be the best idea of thinking of such kind of web application, I will like to suggest that one should move step by step:-

Step 1:- First create you desktop browser based application selecting the capable techonology,which can offer you easy integration with mobile based applications. Please keep in mind that your service layer and business layer is going to be used later on by mobile based clients also, so the pc based version should have these things layers isolated.

Step2:- If your pc based application is going well then check the market scenarios for the mobile and find which one platform is capturing the maximum market or depending upon your end-user’s geographical reason figure out the largest market capturing mobile platform. Start developing the application mobile application which will be using the same service and business layer in Step 1.

Step3:- Repeat step 2 for the second mobile market capturing platform.
And so on………..

Hope the information can help someone to save money and give a good vision for his requirement.



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