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Understanding and Uses of index.template.html in Flex Application

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on February 20, 2011

I have seen multiple developers writing the required java-script code if required in their Application~Name.html (means the application html). And if they require using some java script or embedding related stuffs then they are doing in this file. Later on when they build their application the things get lost.
This is more important when you are going to create a flex application in which you have to not put your swf on any another .html or other page of any language by embedding. Means you are going to always use your .html file created by the flex. Then index.template.html is the place where you have to write all these things which you want to be persistent after every build.

Enjoy Flexing………..


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Mobile Application Development with Flex 4.5 ‘Burrito’

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on February 13, 2011

After the release of the Flex Hero sdk I created andorid application many times with Adobe AIR.But this task was never so simple as it is with ‘Burrito’. With Burrito its totally on the clicks of Mouse instead of earlier command line based compilation etc. But now the thing are very very simple. Thanks to Adobe Flash Builder “Burrito” the new Flash builder version.
Now you are having the facility of crating the separate project type for the Mobile.In the File menu you can find a new type of projects i.e ‘Flex Mobile Project ’. Click on this and move ahead. You will also find Application settings for Automatic reorients and Fullscreen mode.
Also after creating your application you can directly launch the application on the device, or you can check with the preexisting list of the Different Device after selection. So you can get the proper idea that how your application will look like on any particular devices. Hence the thing are very simple and straight forward now enjoy creting mobile application with Flex without any extra efforts.
Download Flash Builder Burrito from :-

and enjoy mobile application development.
Please don’t forgot to explore
for the detail of the mobile application development using Flex.

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Update Flash CS5 to Resolve Screen resolution issue with Flash application for ipad and iphone

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on February 13, 2011

Previously Flash CS5 was only supporting the iphone, at that time if you have to create the ipad application then the flash application was just scratiching on the ipad.But its enough time since the Flash CS5 is providing the support to publish the .ipa file for both iphone as well as ipad.One has to simply upgrade Flash CS5 from:-
After downloading and installing the update when you will create a iPhone OS project then go to the File >> iPhone OS Settings. In default tab i.e. General you will see there a new Combo Box with label ‘Device’, select from here whether you are looking for iPhone,iPad or both.Rest Flash will manage. 🙂


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Working with Sqlite, made easy by using Sqlite Admin

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on February 13, 2011

Sqlite is also having a User Interface to deal with database, Its not necessary to use it by writing the queries only. Simply get the download from link below.Over all User Interface is self explanatory, and provides almost same interface like any other RDBMs.Just download and install it from link below.

Find the link here to download it.

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