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Using old Flex 3 Component’s Properties in Flex 4

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on December 26, 2010

Some time we wants to create the flex 4 application which requires the
same set of properties etc which were there in flex 3 based component e.g.
backgroundAlpha with TextInput .In other words we can say that one wants
to update flex 3 application to flex 4 without using the spark or new flex 4
based components.The things are clear that in that case you are simply looking
for the all mxml library of the flex 3.Because the mxml based components of flex 4
are lacking many old properties of flex 3.If you are looking for those all properties
of flex 3 then to achieve it is very simple.Simply go to the properties of your project.
Then go to the ‘Flex Build Path’,there you will see tab with heading ‘Library Path’,select
the Radio button ‘Mx only’ and click OK.You have done it,you will get all the properties
of all flex 3 based components in flex 4,e.g. ‘backgroundAlpha’ of ””.
Hope you will like this………

Enjoy Flexing……..


2 Responses to “Using old Flex 3 Component’s Properties in Flex 4”

  1. Jyotsna said

    I dont see Mx only radio button. PLs help

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