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Applying Filter in actionscript 3.0 and Flash CS5

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on October 12, 2010

Applying this is very simple and straight forward.I am having two things on my flash stage.

One is a slider namely ‘hs’ and another one is a movie clip with name ‘rect’.Below is the code for achieving

this.As you will made the change in slider there will be a change in the filter for movie clip.Below is the code.

Please note that I am doing the frame coding so there is stop() at initial.And as I have taken the maximum value for

my Slider hs to ‘100’ and as we know alpha can have maximum value of 1,so i am dividing it by 100.

import fl.controls.Slider;
import flash.filters.GlowFilter;


hs.visible = true;
function onSliderChange(event : SliderEvent) : void
var s : Slider = event.currentTarget as Slider;
var glowArray:Array = [new GlowFilter(0xff0000,s.value/100,4,4,2,1,false,false)];
rect.filters = glowArray;

Enjoy……….Action scripting..


One Response to “Applying Filter in actionscript 3.0 and Flash CS5”

  1. ADAMa said

    just what i needed for my flash project, thx:)

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