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Rotating Display Object around its Center

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on July 19, 2009

Sometimes back I was looking for how to rotate any component from its Center.But I don’t got any proper solution for that.As all of us know the registration point of the any display object are its top left point i.e (0,0).Hence I used the ‘Rotation Effect’,and used the originX and originY for finding the center of the Display object.But I know that it was not proper solution.Currently I am here with the proper solution.Its very simple to acheive.You can also get the source code from here.Below is the Link.
Click Here For RotationDemo Source Code.


3 Responses to “Rotating Display Object around its Center”

  1. Sam said

    Hi Shardul,

    Fantastic solution for rotating image from center point. I like it.


  2. pete said

    Hey ,

    i am searching such solution from long time and it is really cool

  3. Marceu said

    Dude, that was fantastic. That saved me a lot of time. There’s still good ppl in the world :))

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