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Smoothing the Bitmap

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on April 15, 2009

Normally when we are dealing with the ‘smoothing’ property of the ‘Bitmap’ class it looks that its effect is not of the major aspect.But it plays a vital role.I found a very help full link related to understanding its value.If you are not getting the quality factor on the movement(by mean of rotation,skew,scale etc) on bitmap then you should check the ‘smoothing’ property of the bitmap by tracing it whether it is true or false.The link below will clear you doubts and variations of the quality issue in Bitmap.Its value is more important if u are getting the bitmap of any Image which you are accessing through the url.
Please have a look at the link below to understand this issue and its solution.Thnx to Grant Skinner for this nice post.

The link is……….


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