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Deep Linking In Flex 3.0

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on October 23, 2008

Deep Linking In Flex 3.0

Deep linking is one of the cool feature of the Flex 3.0.This is mainly for playing with the browser. As all of us know that if we are running any flex application then the url in the browser don’t get effected normally. This is the feature via which we are able to find the current position of the components in the url of the application. Also the changes in the url will effect the changes in the application. For example if you have selected the third item of any viewstack then it will be reflected in the url of your application. Now if you will change it from the url to 0 then the the first element of the viewstack will get selected in the application .This feature will be same as any webpage based application.

This feature is by default disable in any application. For enabling this feature just go the the properties of your application.Here select ‘Flex Compiler’.Here you will find a checkbox with label ‘Enable integration with browser navigation’ just check it to select,and click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘OK’.Your deeplinking feature is enable now. Now at the end of your url in browser you will find ‘#’. Up to ‘#’ this will be your default setting of the application. And after this the selected container etc will be shown in the url of your application.


Pls don’t forget to explore

for more information.


Hope you will like this feature.


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2 Responses to “Deep Linking In Flex 3.0”

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