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What and Why SQLite?

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on April 13, 2008

What and Why SQLite?


As all of us know that the database is the vital element for the development of any application. If any one will tell that there is no concept of any application without database than I think he will absolutely right. But Is it feasible to go for the databases specially in the cases when our requirement is not related to the vast amount of data. Is there any way for dealing with the applications which require the small size database and what is the solution for the cases when we are working with the electronic devices like PDAs, mobile phone etc.What should be the substitute for the database in such cases.

  What about the idea if you don’t require installing any database for using data in your application. How amazing will be the way if there will only a single file which will be storing all the data in it. And how amazing it will be if we can send this file with our application’s deployment. What about the idea if we can use the SQL for dealing with this kind of the database. This all looks impossible initially. But this all can be achieved by just using the SQLite.SQLite full fill all above scenario.Beacause it’s search engine is smaller than any other database search engine.There is no requirement of any kind of the installation so there is no question of any particular server. It is used with cellular phone, PDAs and many other electronic devices, wherever there is requirement of storing data without any bulky database. It is totally transactional database. Transaction database means which full fill the ACID properties. Here ACID refers to Atomicity, Consistency, Isolated, and Durability.

 At last the summary is that the SQLite is the smallest database engine, and you can use it in the same way as any other database. In your application writing the sql queary, creating the database connection etc can be used in the traditional way.



Hope you will enjoy its implementation………………….



2 Responses to “What and Why SQLite?”

  1. jase21 said

    nice work dude!

  2. Rohan said

    You can construct your own functions(similar to stored procedures) in sqlite. The difference is that you can write the logic in PHP. The function can be directly used in a SQL statement.

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