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Flex and Php Integration using Amfphp

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on January 6, 2008

Flex and Php Integration using Amfphp

You have many ways for the Flex and Php Integration.But the one which I would suggest is through the amfphp.Its quite simple and I think very very fast over any other.
You can see its performance by simply using it.Really I have never seen such a fast communication between remote and client side.

Ok…….now if you want to use it then please proceed with the steps given below.

1)Download the amfphp-1.9.beta from the  and

2)After downloading it u will see ‘amfphp’ folder inside this.Please copy this one ‘amfphp’ folder at your Server.
This amfphp is already containg three folder namely:-
a)browser    b)core  c)services  
and except these three folder there are some other php files which are already.

3)Now create one folder in ‘amfphp’ like I am creating with name ‘flex’,this is the folder in which I will keep my flex Application’s output after Building the flex Aplication.

4)Again copy the ‘services-Config’ xml file from ‘browser’ folder inside ‘amfphp’,and paste it in to ur Flex application,and set the path of the server at the uri in ‘endPoint’


5)Now call the Php Class’s method in the Flex’s main application through the Remote Object.and You will get the
desired output from Php in Flex.

6)Build the Flex Application and runit.

Congrats………you have done it……
NOTE >> One important thing is that you can use the ‘servicebrowser’ inside ‘amfphp\browser’any time to track the output of php classes and methods of them.

Enjoy Flexing…………………………………


2 Responses to “Flex and Php Integration using Amfphp”

  1. laheefsaheb said

    Hi Shardul Singh Bartwal! I want some guidens how to combind to use php and flex.please send me

  2. Amit said

    Amit here


    you just give the demo here if possbile ,,

    when i run the some demo application then ,, and running using the wamp server then did not get the methods ,, i want to know where to put the flex bin-debug

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