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What Is RIAs Exactly?

Posted by Shardul Singh Bartwal on December 16, 2007

What Is RIAs Exactly?

RIAs refers to ‘Rich Internet Applications’ in the Software market.I don’t think that any one can define this word exactly,but the major concerns which are important in this respect are following:-
1).These are the web Application which provides you general look and functionality like a desktop application over the browser.So there is no concept of installations etc.
2).With the RIAs it is a common Practice to transfer bulky data from the Application Server to the web client.But the important thing is that the state of the Application is preserved up to backing the Data to the Application Server.
3).Sendbox can be think as framework for running RIAs.Sendbox is set of Rules and Regulation to run securely any application. If one is going outside the Sendbox Security Mechanism then not possible to run it.
4). For handling such a responsible task at client end there is always a concept of Client Engine.

Why RIAs.?

As After coming through the different Architecture in the Software development currently with web browser. we are simply following the thin client.But with this Architecture, the RIA is one who provides the balance between the thin client and Fat Server(our Application Server).
Because this is the only RIA which transfer enough data to client,and defnetly  it improves the performance.
For the round trips like the HTML pages based application here is no place. Surely require the Server trips,but not every time.The Richness of the Presentation in RIA is unbeatable.

Tools to Develop RIAs:

  Already there were many Tools to develop it, but by the end of year 2007 there are too many options.All the big name are now here.Microsoft has already launched ‘Silver Light’.Adobe’s Flex is already having a good market.Open Laszlo was already performing well in the field.Ajax is also having the same approach and further more let see when will the Sun Micro-System going to launch it’s ‘JavaFx’ which is already announced by Sun.

Just enjoy RIAs……..

Shardul Singh Bartwal


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